SLAX Linux小巧又美观Linux操作系统(图)


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        Dragora GNU/Linux是基于简单这一理念而独立开发的GNU/Linux发行。它被自由软件基金会认可为只提供自由软件的屈指可数的几个发行之一。驱动着 Slackware Linux开发过程的哲学精神对Dragora有启发作用,但它们也存在一些重要的差别,这包括Dragora简化高效的系统安装程序,更强大的包管理系 统,以及对i686处理器架构的独家支持。

Slax Linux

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Slax是一个可应用的小巧的光盘镜像文件,用官方的话说就是装在口袋里的发行版,是基于Slackware-Current的LiveCD,它可以在一张CD -ROM小光盘上(3.14"光盘或者USB均可)直接运行,而并不需要安装。你可以用自己喜欢的刻录软件刻录,当然完成以后,你可以直接从光盘启动 Linux。

SLAX 是一款快速小巧又美观的Linux操作系统,它可以在一张CD-ROM小光盘上(3.14"光盘或者USB均可)直接运行,而并不需要安装,制作出来的CD运行是基于Slackware Linux 的发行版本,使用统一文件系统,运行的所有数据都保存在RAM中,这款软件比较适合打算初步认识Linux系统和一些低配置的朋友们。

        Matias Fonzo has announced the release of Dragora GNU/Linux 1.1, a 100% "libre" distribution based on the concept of simplicity and inspired by Slackware Linux: "Dragora GNU/Linux 1.1 is the evolution of its previous version 1.0. Notable changes in this version are: Linux Kernel free; toolchain - Binutils 2.19.1, GCC 4.3.4, glibc 2.9, Coreutils 7.6, util-linux-ng 2.16.1; X.Org Server 1.6.4 and Mesa 7.5.2; the inclusion of KDE 4.3.1; new compression format based on the LZMA algorithm; support for Free Java and JavaScript through Icedtea6 and Rhino; support for Bluetooth and IrDA devices; support for printing with CUPS 1.3.11; support for the PCMCIA subsystem; new language support - Galician. It is worth mentioning the large environment such as KDE 4.3.1 (included on CD 2) and the numerous corrections and improvements in the packaging system and the Dragora system start-up." Read the full release announcement (scroll down for the English version) for further details. Download (MD5): dragora-1.1-install-CD1.iso (525MB).

Changes in version Slax 6.0.0:
Linux Live scripts version 6 are the most innovative scripts available. AuFS provides better stability compared to old unionfs, squashfs with LZMA support provides great compression ratio and amazing decompression speed. What's new compared to old Linux Live scripts v 5:

SLAX CD contains:
· Linux Kernel 2.4.28-pre4 with SATA support
· 6.8.1
· KDE 3.3.1
· KOffice 1.3.3
· KDE games
· MPlayer 1.0pre5 with KPlayer
· kopete ICQ/AIM/Y!/IRC
· midnight commander
· rdesktop (rscp in KDE)
· hotplug support
· cdrtools
· k3b burning GUI for KDE
· mutt email client
· wget
· and much more...